Friday, 15 July 2011

Here Goes Nothing!

Okay, so this is my very first attempt at blogging. I've always thought that blogs were for intellectual people who had opinions on world affairs and stuff, but while im inbetween school and uni i thought i'd do somethng productive with all this spare time :) Also, I've been reading my friend, Emma's blog, which kind of encouraged me so you should look at hers too (she has good fashion sense!)

So, today i've done absolutely nothing accept looking after our new kitten and wishing the days away until it's finally time for me to jet off to Crete! I'm going with my boyfriend and his family. I've never been before but heard it's similar to Turkey, which i have been too, still i can no wait to go. The only reservation I have is the food! I'm a stupidly fussy eater and i'm dreading the exotic food. The other worry i have is the luggage allowance. I think it's stupid that the allowance has been cut down so much. We are flying with Thomas Cook and the luggage allowance is 15kg. I havn't weighed my case yet but i have a feeling that a few pairs of shoes will have to be left behind :(

Ollie, our kitten aka the devil!

     Oh, and i recently got a Superdrug beauty card. I love shopping at Superdrug as Boots can be quite expensive. I really like Superdrug's own make-up range. It's called MUA Make Up Academy and i don't think there's anything in the range thats over £3. Being so cheap they are perfect for touch ups on a night out, and it doesn't matter when your £1 lip gloss goes crashing to the floor whilst pumping out the sprinkler! I intend on paying a visit to a Superdrug tomorrow to purchase some bright nail varnishes for my holibobs (from the MUA range of course). Probably tipping my luggage allowance over the edge.

Shade 12. My favourite nail varnish

The lipgloss I'm in love with! Really into coral shades at the moment.

Thanks for reading!

Zoe :) x